I am a design executive, manager, strategist, entrepreneur and a part time lecturar. Trained as an Industrial Designer in England and Italy, have years of professional experience in product development and design from idea through to mass production.
Opened my design studio in Oslo in 1985.
Awarded for products designed for children «Footi» collections, the major Nordic shoe brand for children in the nineties and «Cherrox» 2.5 mill pair, top sold product in Norway over 15 years – apart from Coke and grocery commodities. Managing a portofolio of awarded designs within furniture, flat- and tableware.

I design and develop business for every day life considering consumers needs, technical knowledge and manufacturing understanding.

I enjoy being the coordinating link between consumer and manufacturer, ensuring useful products with great appeal.

I’ve given birth to humans and products that make us happy

I’ve worn many hats in my career, teacher, innovator, manager, mentor and diplomat.

I‘m a curious creative listener to consumer passions and fears.

I’m the calm one who asks questions

I love to make new friends of design, contact me if u wan’t to talk about your ideas.

Consumer insights, social skills, passion and nerve for what people need and desire, material and process, colours and form, product design for sport and outdoor life, children and on the table.

Have a look at some of my works